Live Project Internship in Dehradun and Noida

IT Internship

Six month / Six weeks Live Project Internships

We know that live software projects are beneficial to get to work on the techniques which we are using in the real world. If you are working on a live project, it is a challenging job as the team members give you practical guidance and you also get to interact with customers and translate their business requirements.

We Provide paid IT Internships & Live Projects on various technologies from time to time as the availability of international quality Projects.

As Edunet Learning is Time to time we intract our students with the Sr. Project Managers & Technology Experts at Edunet Learning to motivate the students towards their career towards computer science. All these activities helps students to realize skills required in the corparate sector & become industry ready.

We select students for Live Projects by an interview process. Selected candidates are given opportunity to work on Live Projects. Selection Process Consists of a single interview round in which your technical & communication skills are observed.

Candidates can apply for internships & live Projects by sending their current CV to seemant@edunet-learning.com or by presenting thereself with CV in front of Company at Dehradun office only.

We have Edunet learning centers in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) and Noida(U.P)

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